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Melodoze is a self-care company, and we recommend our products to those seeking a sense of tranquility. However, individuals react differently to product ingredients, and adverse reactions can occur. By using these products, you assume responsibility for any potential risks. If you have concerns about adverse reactions, underlying medical conditions, or have received advice from your healthcare provider against using our products, we advise against their use.

The information provided on this website and Melodoze's various social media platforms, as well as the statements and products mentioned on this site, have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Melodoze is not a medical product, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition, including addiction or dependency, or to impact the structure or function of the human body in any way. None of Melodoze's products have been subjected to FDA-approved studies. If you have any health concerns, consult a physician or alternative healthcare provider. Always seek medical advice before using new products, including those from Melodoze. It is important to be aware that some products on this site may interact with medications you may be taking or medical conditions you may have. These products should not be used as a substitute for your physician's advice or for prescribed medications. Consult your healthcare provider for health-related matters. Melodoze assumes no liability for the misuse of our products or for relying on information from our various websites. Individual results may vary. To ensure the highest quality products, purchase Melodoze products exclusively from Melodoze.com and authorized retailers.

Please note that while each primary ingredient in Melodoze products may possess individual traits or effects, the final product containing all these ingredients has not undergone testing, and no specific claims are made regarding the combination of ingredients in any Melodoze product. References to effects are intended to provide background information on plant-based effects and benefits only, and no specific health claims regarding Melodoze products should be inferred.

Our discussion about the scientific basis of aromatherapy is for informational purposes only. It includes theories that, while intriguing, have not been definitively proven and should be interpreted as such.

Additionally, we do not guarantee specific ingredient quantities in Melodoze products, or that certain ingredients are present in greater or lesser amounts compared to others. Always review product labels and packaging for the latest ingredient information, as ingredients may change without notice. Do not use products if you are sensitive to any listed ingredients on our website or product label. Prior to purchase and/or use, always read product labels, directions, warnings, and ingredient lists.

Ingredients in Melodoze products may be sourced from the United States or globally. We do not assert that our products or their ingredients are predominantly from any specific source or region.

Allergic Reactions:
Although allergies are rare, we strongly encourage you to carefully review the ingredient list (both on our website and product labeling/packaging) to confirm that you do not have known sensitivities or allergies to any ingredients. If you suspect an allergy or intolerance to any ingredients, refrain from using Melodoze products. In the event of an allergic reaction or any adverse reaction to our products, seek immediate medical attention and discontinue use. Please notify us promptly if you believe you have experienced an adverse reaction of any kind to our products. Contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

Information Accuracy and Updates:
Information provided on this website is provided "as is," without warranties, whether express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Technical inaccuracies or typographical errors may be present in the information, and information may be subject to change or update without notice.

Our products are not intended for individuals under 18 years of age.

Melodoze Diffuser Warnings
Our diffusers are for adult use only and should not be ingested or inhaled. Refrain from operating heavy machinery or driving during or immediately after use. Keep these products out of the reach of children and pets. While our products contain no nicotine or tobacco, they are not recommended for individuals under the legal adult age. Do not use our products if you have, or suspect you have, a medical condition, are taking medication, have respiratory or cardiac issues, are allergic to any ingredients, are pregnant or nursing, or if the product appears tampered with, opened, or damaged. Cease use if the product overheats or if you experience allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, irritation, or any adverse reactions. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid excessive caffeine consumption. Use as directed for occasional use only. Consult your physician before using any new product, including Melodoze products. Do not modify or add additives to our products. Be cautious of choking hazards and store the products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Visit trymelodoze.com/notice for additional information before use.

FDA Disclaimer:
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or affect bodily structure or function. Our products are made in China and manufactured for Melodoze, LLC in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

People with known upper respiratory illnesses or vulnerabilities, such as asthma or COPD, should avoid using Melodoze Diffusers. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Product Usage:
Melodoze products are not meant to be inhaled into the lungs. We encourage responsible and moderate use. Excessive use is discouraged, and we recommend no more than eight uses per day as our maximum recommended usage. Inhalation into the lungs is strongly discouraged, as it is unnecessary and diminishes the Melodoze experience. Proper usage involves expelling a small amount of air through the device tip, using the included FrangranceTip.

Interactions with Medications:
Individuals with health concerns or taking prescription medications should consult their healthcare providers and refer to medical research literature for potential pharmacological interactions and contraindications before using any products, including those sold by Melodoze.

Product Expiration and Disposal:
Do not use Melodoze products beyond either 6 months from the purchase date or the product's expiration date, whichever comes earlier. Once you have finished using a product or it has been six months since your purchase, dispose of the product safely and in compliance with local, international, federal, provincial, or state regulations, laws, or ordinances. Recycling options for our products may vary by community, so check with local authorities for guidance.

Drug-Free Disclaimer:
Melodoze's use of terms like "drug-free," "substance-free," or "junk-free" refers to the absence of commonly abused recreational drugs (those listed on Schedule 1, 2, or 3 of the DEA's controlled substance list) from our products.

Number of Uses Disclaimer:
The number of uses a product offers can vary significantly due to multiple factors, including frequency and duration of use, storage conditions,
environmental factors, purchase date, and opening date.

Quantity of Units Sold Disclaimer:
References to the number of products or units sold may represent the total sum of individual units sold across all products since inception. This total may include multiple units within bundles or packs. It does not necessarily indicate the sale of that quantity for each separate individual product or product variation.

Disclosure of Potential Material Connections:
Content (e.g., reviews, recommendations, endorsements, testimonials, text, images, videos, etc.) posted on this website, our social media platforms, texts, emails, third-party websites, and other channels may originate from various sources, including promoters, reviewers, affiliates, publications, influencers, actors, models, customers, and content creators, among others. These sources may have a "material connection" with Melodoze as defined by the FTC, which encompasses personal, family, employment, or financial relationships, including incentives such as free products, gifts, monetary compensation, discount codes, gift cards, discounted products, or services. If you post content with a material connection to us, please clearly and conspicuously disclose it (e.g., using #SPONSORED), be honest, truthful, and compliant with applicable laws. When viewing content, assume that Melodoze may have a material connection with the content source, even if the source omitted the disclosure. This assumption can aid in informed purchasing decisions.

Reviews Disclaimers:
Certain reviews may be atypical or extreme and may not represent the typical customer experience or results. Results may vary from person to person. Reviews may apply to multiple products, bundles, our brand, website, service, shipping, customer experience, and more. When reviewing reviews, assume that Melodoze may have a material connection with the content source, even if the source omitted the disclosure. This assumption can aid in informed purchasing decisions.

Strike-Through Pricing Disclaimer:
Melodoze may use strikethrough pricing for various items, such as when presenting discounts or promotional prices, comparing bundle prices to individual item prices, citing prices from other retailers, assessing subjective value, or referencing manufacturer or supplier suggested retail prices. Melodoze does not assert that the strikethrough price was the regular or former price of items for a specific duration, as the timeframe may vary widely depending on the items. The strikethrough price may also represent an introductory price offered for a limited period.

Country of Origin Disclaimer:
Melodoze products are crafted by individuals worldwide and may incorporate components from different sources and regions. Melodoze makes no claims that its products are predominantly made in the USA, any specific region of the USA, or any specific region outside of the USA. The location of offices, employees, or fulfillment centers does not imply that our products originate solely or predominantly from that location. Additionally, a specific process's location does not imply that all related processes occur primarily in that region. For example, "Designed in Florida" does not indicate that the materials, labor, assembly, and design for a product are entirely from or in Florida. Our products may be manufactured in foreign countries using foreign labor and materials.

Clean Disclaimer:
The use of "clean" in reference to our products or ingredients pertains to the clean aesthetic design and artwork of our products and the absence of commonly abused recreational drugs.

Communications May Be Recorded, Monitored, and Retained Disclaimer:
Your communications with us (e.g., chat, phone, or email) may be recorded, monitored, and stored. By using chat, phone, or email to communicate with us, you consent to the recording, monitoring, and storage of your conversation. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Session Replay Disclaimer:
Our sites may use technology known as "session replay" to understand user interactions with our sites, including replaying their interactions. By using our sites, you acknowledge and understand that Melodoze may use this session replay technology for internal analytical purposes and site improvement.

Ingredients Disclaimer:
Each Melodoze product comprises various ingredients and components, potentially including synthetic and artificial ingredients. Melodoze makes no claims that its products or their ingredients are 100% non-artificial, non-synthetic, non-GMO, organic, natural, or all-natural. Some products may contain synthetic or artificially processed or sourced ingredients. Do not use our products if you are sensitive to any listed ingredients on this page or the product label. Always read product labels, directions, warnings, and ingredient lists before purchase and/or use. Ingredients may be sourced from the US or globally. Melodoze does not guarantee or suggest that its products or their ingredients are predominantly from any specific source or region or that products primarily consist of any specific ingredient(s). Font size, positioning, images, icons, or ingredient mentions as "key ingredients" do not imply that a product consists predominantly or exclusively of those ingredients. Disclosure of ingredients may be withheld as proprietary information or when not required.

Proper Disposal and Recyclability Disclaimer:
When disposing of our products, do so safely and in accordance with applicable international, federal, provincial, state, or local regulations, laws, or ordinances. Recycling options for our products may vary by community, so consult local authorities for guidance. Visit the websites listed for more information on recycling and disposal.

Our Products Are Not For Substance Use Disorder Treatment Disclaimer:
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, including substance use disorder or addiction. None of our products or services are meant for substance use disorder treatment. Any medical concerns, including substance use disorders, should be addressed with your healthcare provider. Our products have not been approved by the FDA for the treatment, curing, or prevention of substance use disorders. Communications, marketing, and materials should not imply FDA approval. For more information on substance use disorders, consult your healthcare provider and trusted government resources.

Liability and Damages:
Devices similar to those used in our vapor production have been known to overheat or explode, potentially causing damage. These devices are dangerous if swallowed or inserted into body cavities and should be kept away from children. The cap of the shipping/storage tube poses a choking hazard. Hive Endeavors, LLC is not liable for injuries or damages resulting from such events, including inhalation of mist/vapors from Melodoze diffusers.

Liability to you will not exceed the amount spent on Melodoze products and does not cover indirect loss, loss of profit, injury, or other damages. Any claims against Melodoze based on information from this website or related to Melodoze products shall be brought in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and governed by Florida state laws. As a limited liability entity, Melodoze aims to limit personal liability for its officers, employees, agents, and independent contractors. You agree not to personally bring claims against these individuals or entities for losses related to the website or its products. These limitations protect Melodoze its officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, successors, assigns, and sub-contractors.

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